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Green leaf logo text with orange juice drops animation effect

To create an inscription with the effect of animation drops of juice, water, etc. use this constructor.

  1. Prepare in advance the outline of the inscription in the designer, create it there and make a screenshot for further editing in the editor type paint.

      2. We select photos that we will use .

  • The background of the text we will have a green leaf.

  • The surrounding background of the text will be orange peel.

       3. Can be opened in any graphic editor our outline with the inscription.

  • Select the contours of the letters and copy them.

       4. We tear off the background that we have chosen for the inscription (green leaf).

  • Move the copied contour beech in step 3 and cut.

        5. Move the label from the background of the sheet to the General background in the example orange peel.

  • It is important that the finished template matches the width and height in the designer. We have in this example is 600px to 300px

       6. Now we apply the created label template with the background and common background in the designer.

         7. Next, in the designer, we make the necessary settings, for example, by shifting the text along the axes, you can create a different visual effect.


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